Applied Chemistry

Applied Chemistry research is what's getting me to the attention of media (sometimes). The good thing is that I don't have to write on it too much, only need to furnish the proper links.


  1. February 2015: "Controlling Vertebrate Pests in New Zealand"
  2. March 2015: "Measuring Chemical Concentration by LC-MS Without Characterized Reference Standards"


  1. August 2013: "Calculation of the Intrinsic (Maximum) Birefringence of Molecules"
  2. 2007 Top Solver Award
  3. May 2007: “ALS Biomarker”
  4. March 2007: “Cellulose Pyrolysis”
  5. February 2006: “Improving UV resistance of coating containing metal ions”
  6. April 2006: “Biological targets”
  7. May 2005: “Preservative degradation”




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