Programming and Robotics

The toolbox is GNAT GPL Ada compiler from Ada Core Technologies; Visual Basic 6 from Microsoft; Prolog compiler form Amzi; GNATCOM binding to build connections in this menagerie. For robotics projects: Lego Mindstorm System 2.0; AdaGIDE; Not Quite C.

Ada programs with text interface

Computational chemistry stuff


1. Brief guide to run Firefly on Amazon AWS with StarCluster.

2. Cube2dx: Windows utility to convert Firefly cube files with electrostatic potential into dx format used by APBS.

3. Sph2bild: Windows utility to convert sph files from DOCK sphgen to a bunch of spheres in Chimera bild format.


Modelling of the Grotthuss mechanism for proton current in water wires

Uses Markov chain to show the dynamics of proton penetration.

Contents of the archive:

flipping.adb — source code (also uses nt_console and chern.basic packages)
flipping.exe — Win32 console executable
figures.pdf — results of simulation
model.pdf — description of the model and program
concave.water — configuration files for water chain



Retrieves and integrates data from Omega™ gas flow meters (like the one below):


It was planned to be further extended with feedback control for valve motors, which would give us a fetus of robotic system in our vacuum line (pictured below).

Vacuum line to study nitrogen isotope effects in nitrogenase enzyme


Crazy looking text mode screen saver

Example of how to use random numbersin Ada language.


Ada programs with VB interface


Civilization-like strategy game in Ada. Map is built on the toroidal surface. At the top are the first snapshots of the game maps. I could make it to the second day afternoon. The separation of the dry land from the waters was good, but I stumbled upon vegetation...


Dunes model used in Gears game

The dunes model used to build world in Gears game above. Complete program for Win 32 is available.

Basic and Visual Basic Programs


Console program to build plant-like objects using L-grammatics.




VB script for Corel Draw to build plant-like objects using L-grammatics.



A robot searching for the light using the phototaxis mechanism of bacteria. Flagellae are deployed for visual demonstration of actual bacterial movement, but not really necessary for the robot.



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